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We believe that the best health care should be available to everyone, and it's our mission to help all our patients access medical marijuana easily. Our doctors have always been a part of the medical marijuana legalization movement and we believe that everyone rightfully deserves the freedom to access natural alternatives because a lot of pharmaceuticals have side effects.

To accomplish our mission, and to ensure quality healthcare, we help each patient access medical marijuana through a valid recommendation written by our licensed health physicians.


We Make Things Easier for You

It is our vision to allow qualified patients to access recommendations through a secure and customer-friendly online platform. Our technical team in tandem with the doctors strives to accomplish this mission by consulting patients over a HIPAA-compliant platform. Here, all your information remains protected, and the evaluation you receive is completely confidential.

We have built an online platform for our patients that is not only safe but easily accessible. It's a three-step process that will allow you to receive a medical marijuana recommendation from licensed doctors hassle-free.

Our Services

Your Medical Marijuana Evaluation Includes

We provide a wide range of marijuana-related services, and it includes a new patient recommendation, a renewal after one year, and a grower’s license. Our team also works together with the patient to help them clear the doubts regarding medical marijuana use. We have a 24/7 online chat support system for patients' queries and a separate educational section to help people understand everything about marijuana.

We also help patients get a hard copy of the rec and a proper plastic ID card for wear and tear issues. Be it a card or rec, it will last up to one year for legal use.

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