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  • 15 June, 2021

With edibles gaining immense popularity, the chances of children accidentally eating gummies or cannabis-infused cookies is also on the rise.

All thanks to their appearance and fancy packaging, a 5-year-old would never be able to recognize the difference.

Even worse, these accidents have skyrocketed in the past few years.

Only recently, a Florida mom took to Facebook describing how her 6-year-old daughter accidentally ate cannabis-infused gummy thinking that it was a normal candy.

As a result, the girl ended up in the hospital and the mother demanded stricter and clear packaging regulations on THC products.

Not only this, but in the past few years many children have ended up in the ER due to accidental cannabis consumption.

According to a report, there is a sudden surge in children accidentally consuming edibles.

And doctors suggest that some children consume it accidentally, but others eat it out of curiosity, especially children aged between 11-15 years old.

The curiosity can be due to the packaging or simply the fact that they taste like normal candies and chocolates.

Whatever the reason, there’s one thing for sure, these children knowingly or unknowingly fall prey

Maybe because of lack of awareness, carelessness, or simply the packaging style.

Whatever the reason, to avoid major mishaps like these in the future, here are some points that everyone needs to bear in mind.

Opt for Brands That Use Child-Proof Packaging

We understand that there are several brands out there.

Some might allure you into believing that they use the best ingredients and packaging style.

But when the question is about your child’s safety, never be blinded by the marketing techniques.

As a parent, you have to practice a safe purchase procedure.

In other words, check out brands that style child-resistant packaging.

More importantly, purchase cannabis edibles from companies willing to put in an extra towards child safety.

To name a few, brands like Kush have gone out of the way to develop child-resistant packaging.

In a report published last year, Kush Co. revealed how they will continue spending money on innovative child-proof packaging.

In particular, features that will make the product less attractive, not so child-friendly, and similar to a boring pharmaceutical product.

Purchase Products With Difficult Closures

A simple pharmaceutical look-alike is a great way to go about packaging.

However, there are various innovative packaging styles out there.

For instance, a box with a two-part opening sequence.

Or else, a pouch with knots as closures, a case with tight clips, and a standard blister pack.

All these different packaging styles are creative, stylish, and most vitally children-resistant.

So, make sure that you keep the packaging styles in mind before purchasing an easily tearable gummy packet next time.

Make Sure the Container Is Tightly Sealed

Jars, tins, and tightly sealed bottles – these are your best bet when it comes to innovative packaging.

In fact, the best part about tins and bottles is that they are you can cap them tightly after usage.

Unfortunately, In this case, capping won’t be enough because child-resistant is not child-proof.

As long as the product is in the reach of children, you are most likely to meet with an accident.

So, it’s your duty to keep cannabis edibles out of children’s sight.

Packaging Rules Are Never Enough

After regular reports associated with no. of kids accidentally consuming marijuana edibles, several states decided to take strict measures.

In particular, states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

All these states passed laws preventing children from consuming cannabis-induced products.

The regulations required all cannabis companies to follow certain guidelines regarding packaging.

One of the main rules was to label the products clearly with serving size, ingredients, and child-resistant packaging.

Luckily, many companies oblige by the regulations and label their products as per legal requirements.

The only problem, in this case, is children being exposed to THC-induced edibles despite consistent measures.

To put things into perspective, here’s an example.

An edible product named cannabis caramel treats is similar to normal caramel candies.

In such a case, the chances of being exposed to marijuana edibles are quite high, even if the company manages to meet all guidelines.

So, what’s the solution?

As a parent, you have to understand that no amount of packaging rules can expiate accidental damage.

Therefore, even with packaging regulations, always keep in mind that these rules are not enough to keep your kids safe.

You have to take extra measures.

First and foremost, hide cannabis edibles as soon as you purchase them.

Second, keep them in a tightly sealed container but out of the reach of children.

Third, do not consume edibles around your children.

Last but not least, in case you find your child in the middle of cannabis eating action, contact the doctor and rush to the emergency room.

Final Thoughts

Several patients get a Florida medical marijuana card online to access cannabis from licensed dispensaries.

While it’s your right to legally access medical cannabis, anything that contains more than 0.3% of THC or high concentrations of CBD must stay out of children’s hands.

And to do the same either you can follow the packaging instruction mentioned above.

Or keep your medical cannabis box far away from the reach of children.

Rest assured, once brands take charge and contribute towards child-proof packaging, the sudden surge in cases will eventually decline.

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