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What’s your favorite marijuana strain? Where do you love smoking cannabis? Why do you use marijuana?

No doubt everyone has different answers to these questions. Some use cannabis for euphoric effects while others consume it to receive sedative effects.

There are many factors affecting marijuana’s effects. Thus, to have an ultimate cannabis experience, you need to keep these in mind. In this post, we are going to have a comprehensive discussion on the topic. Also, you will learn how to get a Florida medical marijuana card online.

Cannabinoid Profile

This is the best way to determine the kind of marijuana effects you will get. Studies have found that the levels of different cannabinoids present in cannabis greatly affect its high.

Some enjoy euphoric effects of THC while others may experience negative effects such as feelings of paranoia.

It’s important to determine how different cannabinoids make you feel. Surely, it requires some experimenting. Once you get to know which combination works for you the best, you can easily get the right strains.

Thus, you should carefully check the THC:CBD ratio and concentration of each cannabinoid before buying cannabis.


The amount of cannabis you consume influences the high. No doubt, if you take higher doses, you will experience stronger and lasting effects. However, you may also experience a cannabis overdose.

Finding the appropriate cannabis dose for your medical condition can be a tricky task. Clearly, you don’t want to consume too little that will deliver no effects. Or, take higher doses that will ruin your cannabis experience. You need to find that sweet spot that delivers you desired effects but not the unwanted side-effects.

For instance, when using high-THC cannabis, it helps reduce anxiety when you take lower doses. On the other hand, higher doses of marijuana may worsen the symptoms.

So, when using marijuana for medical purposes, always see how much you are taking.

Method of Consumption

Many think about smoking and vaping when it comes to cannabis consumption. But, there are many other ways to consume marijuana, such as edibles, tinctures, oils, and topicals. 

Each method works differently and has a different onset and duration of effects. For instance, when you smoke or vape cannabis, THC reaches the bloodstream immediately. Marijuana-infused foods and beverages are processed through the stomach, thus THC takes longer to reach the bloodstream. In other words, edibles have longer onset times, but last longer.

So, which cannabis delivery method should you choose? It depends on the type of cannabis experience you want. If you want quick effects, go for smoking or vaping. If you want lasting effects, go for edibles.

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Setting & Mood

Another important factor that influences marijuana high is the environment. The same person can experience different effects by altering settings & mood. 

Some people enjoy smoking cannabis in a group while others feel anxious in a crowded area. 

So, how to determine which situations are working for you? Again, you need to do some experimenting. Try different locations & times of the day, and monitor the effects on your body and mind. So, next time—when you have an amazing cannabis experience, determine the environment & how you were feeling before consuming marijuana.


Tolerance to cannabis is totally different from consumer to consumer. It’s the process of getting used to the herb, which can cause weaker effects. In other words, over time, you have to take higher doses to experience the same effects.

Main factors affecting your tolerance are—since when have you been consuming, the frequency of consumption, body chemistry, and age.

So, you need to be careful with the amount of cannabis you are taking when you are consuming in a group. This is because different people have different tolerances. 

However, you can reset your tolerance by taking a break from cannabis use. Research says that THC has the ability to deplete CB1 receptors; however, they can come to their original levels over time. Controlling your doses and reducing the frequency of cannabis consumption can also help.

How to Get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card Online

If you want to access medical marijuana in Florida, you need a doctor’s recommendation. The recommendation letter shows that you are using marijuana for managing your medical condition, not for recreational purposes.

At Florida Online Medical Card, you can apply for a Florida medical marijuana card online in just 10 minutes. Here’s the process-

  • Sign up for an account
  • See a licensed doctor via video call
  • Receive your marijuana recommendation in PDF

Want to learn more about Florida MMJ qualifying conditions, age limit, and more? Check out our previous blog post—Everything You Need to Learn About Getting a Florida Medical Marijuana Card Online.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering cannabis as a treatment for your medical condition, you need to learn how to use it. Dosage, consumption methods, strains, environment, and tolerance directly influence the cannabis high.

Smoking and vaping deliver quick effects while edibles take longer to kick in. Taking higher doses of high-THC strains may cause negative effects. Determine what’s the appropriate dosage, know your tolerance levels & what environment settings work for you.

Have any questions on how to use marijuana for managing your illness? Talk to a licensed doctor.

To access cannabis legally, get a Florida medical marijuana card online today.

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